May be, may be not!

May be, may be not! Sometimes when you are at home, you want to go out. And sometimes when you are out, you want to be at home. Sometimes when you are working, you want to relax and sometimes when you are relaxing, you want to be busy. Why does it happen all the time? Is it just with me? Why can’t there be answers to all the questions? Why don’t we get what we want? Why do we have to make choices? Someone always tells me to prioritize things. Is it so important to prioritize? We can do things as we please. If we cannot get what we want then why are there choices anyway?

The mind keeps wandering without knowing what is going to happen. Even if you are organized, you still don’t know what’s coming ahead. If we could know how to put things together, life would be so simple.

Like they say “Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.”

2 fogy feelings:

Ble$$D said... is just representing ur confused state of mind..
where there is a little frustration while u r trying to find happiness in whatever u have..

Scattered Thoughts... said...

some times??? I think every time will be more appropriate here :)