She cried and cried but he never tried…
She thought she was helpless and could do nothing else
She complained but all in vain
She kept talking to herself ‘coz there was no one else
To console her, to cajole her, to listen to her…

He was long gone and had withdrawn
From this argument which was needless
But for him all arguments were needless…

What could she do to make him hear?
To understand the meaning so clear
So she talked to herself ‘coz there was no one else to hear...

Then she thought was it her?
Was she to deter or defer?
Was it enough what she had tried
Before she gave up the Brightside…

She wasn’t weak, not now
She couldn’t be, she’d never been

And then it came to her
It was she herself
Tears kept rolling down her cheek
But she was no longer weak
She knew what to do
And how to mend it new
‘Coz it was herself she knew
No more deterred
But contained and assured.

Chocolate Truffles :))

Chocolate Truffles

Digestive biscuits - 10 - 12
Icing sugar / powdered sugar - 4 tablespoons
Cocoa powder - 4 tablespoons
Butter, melted - 1 tablespoon
Instant coffee (dissolved in a little boiling water)- 1 teaspoon

Crush the biscuits in a grinder until course. Add everything else and whiz again until well meshed together and damp enough to form small balls (about the size of a walnut). If too dry, simply splash a little more coffee water mix.

Roll truffles to required size in the palm of your hand. Decorate as desired. Pop into paper cake cases and freeze. Remove a few minutes before eating, just to take the chill off.

If there are any left, stick them back in the fridge for tomorrow, or later!

Guys, I tried this and believe me it is simply amazing!! Just don’t tell anyone that you have used digestive biscuits….. They’ll sure toss the truffle back to you!! ;)

Enjoy!! And if you decide to try it, do let me know how it was!! :))

My favorite pictures...

Wish I had my house next to it...
Hmm... now lets c who's taller...

Yea yea.. I made that!! :P


How much I love flowers... :) They make me feel so happie!!

Shopping!!! Now that's something I can do day-in & day-out!!

Looks like even the sky has something to hide....

This is the best!! Shades of blue!!

Strings of love..

Yesterday I saw this balloon wala and I wanted one just like old times.... but he was no where to buy me that… So I bought it myself thinking that he would be happy to see that I haven’t changed a bit!!

I would cling on to him so hard when he went to drop me to the kindergarten that the teacher could never take me away from him...

He taught me what to do and what not to do. He taught me what is good and bad. He taught me how to speak, how to write, how to walk, how to run... I remember one day the teacher in school taught me how to spell my name and I came home and told him the way my name should be spelt!! :) And he said very good… and that made me so happy because there was something that even he didn’t know…

“I want that balloon….” I would cry and I got it. To buy new school bag, pencil case, lunch box, water bottle, I would always want to go him rather than mom because he would let me buy whatever I liked…. Unlike mum, who would be worried for her budget… ;) But when the teacher wrote a complain note in the dairy, I would go to mum instead of him because for him I was his good daughter, who would not do anything wrong!!! Of course at the end of the day mum told him everything… But he never let me know that he knew all…

He would take care of everything and never even once did we have to worry for anything in life. When I took admission in college, he still came to drop me the first day, just like he had done throughout school... and it was such a relief that nothing would go wrong and no one could rag me… Mum said that he should drop me to college everyday, but he said that I was old enough… :)

Birthday presents for him would be either a pen holder for his desk, or a keychain for his car keys…and he would be so excited to take them!!

He taught me to be independent, to fight for what is wrong, help others in need, to respect my elders… He taught me all the values I have today.

Everyone says that he is not with us anymore, but I can still feel him around me. He’s always there with me to guide me through hard times and to tell me things that I don’t know…

I miss you papa…

Strangers??? No........ Friends!!

Recently I was reading this article about making friends online and how some of them can turn out to be very good ones... It suddenly reminded me of own encounter, quite similar to that, though not exactly, but I did become a very good friend with an absolutely unknown guy!!

It happened almost 10 years back when I was doing my graduation… One day I was having lunch with some of my girl friends… after the lunch when we were leaving there was this bike parked right behind my car!! (Yeah… I used to drive a car in college and my friends used to call me “bade baap ki bigdi hui aulaad”!! ;)) That time I couldn’t drive a bike so I didn’t dare to touch it coz it might fall off!! I looked around but found no one to claim for it. there were some guys standing nearby, so I asked one of them to help me move the bike so that I could reverse my car. The guy removed the bike and I thanked him and we (my friends m me) left.

While I was dropping my friends I saw there were two guys on a Kinetic Honda following us! For sometime time it was fun coz we tried to take long routes and let them follow us. But they didn’t seem to stop, they kept following. I took a few more turns and finally looked in the rearview and found no one!! I was so happy to have dodged them away! Finally I reached home after seeing off everyone.

A month later, I get this call from a guy.
He- Can I talk to S?
Me- Yeah, speaking
He- Hi, my name is D. You don’t know me but I know you.
Me- So?
D - Some days back I followed you and found your address.
Suddenly it struck me that day when those two guys were following us on our way back from the restaurant. But I had lost them!! No!!
D- Hello?
Me- This is ridiculous! What do you want?
D- (His tone suddenly changing) No, I just liked the way you asked those guys to help you with that bike. You know girls now days have so much attitude; they think that all the guys have no other work except for running behind girls.
Me- (thinking what else are you doing now) Thank you.
D- Yeah, and you said thank you to that guy also that day. That was nice.
Me- (still surprised) How did you get my phone number?
D- I looked in the telephone directory.
Me- What? But you just knew my building, how did you know which apartment??
D - I checked with the watch man.
Me- (huh! this guy is stalking me) Please don’t call me again. Slam!!

I was sure I had been very rude and he won’t call again!! But after a few days I was surprised, he called again.
D- I just wanted to be friends with you.
Me- Please, first, I don’t know you and moreover I don’t want to be friends with you. Slam again!!

Again after some days, this guy is back!
D- Hi, its D. Hows you?
Me- (wondering who D) Fine.
D – So hows life?
Me- (suddenly recognizing his voice) Huh! Why do you call me?
D- I just wanted to be friends………..
...........Such conversations continued between us for some time and I dint even realize when we became friends! And once we were friends we would talk everyday discussing about our lives. He would bore me with his philosophy about life and everything and I would listen…He would tell me about his girl friends, his job, his problems… I would bore him with my life and it was like we became the very best of friends. Not even once did he try to propose to me, like I had thought he would!!

Guess what guys, all this was just over the phone… of course he had seen me but I had never even seen him!! :) So one day we decided to meet! But for me it didn’t really turn out to be very good! It was nothing to do with his appearance or anything… just the fact that I liked it more to talk to him on the phone. So we didn’t really meet after that except if we banged somewhere by luck! And believe me it did happen a lot of time!! ;)

We are still in contact, though not like earlier. There is something between us which is different! He still calls me his lucky number “191” (my car number plate) :) I still wonder sometimes that what really happened between us, I mean I am not someone who makes friends so easily! But neverthelss this was a wonderful experience...

Friends Forever!!

P.S.- I may have not quoted the conversation appropriately (like it happened 10 years back). But it was somewat similar... D if u r reading this, please dont laugh ur lungs out!! :D