Random Thoughts..

Here’s some dumb stuff floating around in my brain.

  • I love flowers

  • I can go shopping even if you wake me up in the middle of the night.

  • Time only flies when you have something interesting to do.

  • Who invented toilet paper?

  • Everything that tastes good makes you look bad!! :(

  • People who argue don’t want to win so much as they just want you to shut up.

  • A rainy day jus lifts up my mood… everything is beautiful then!!

  • I like to cook not always.

  • How did anyone ever live without movies?

  • I love coffee.

  • SATC (Sex And The City) is the ultimate creation.

  • How come the French don’t eat French Fries?

  • Living is dangerous to your health.

  • Men have a lot of hair, shudn't they wax too!

  • Insurance only protects you when you don’t need it!!

  • I dont enjoy music nowdays :(

  • When you’re happy the world will try to prove you wrong.

  • There is not enough common sense to go around.

  • Why aren’t my plants growing faster?

  • Wish my house was on a beach…

  • Why isn’t there a Jeanie for real?

  • I don’t like traffic jams!! Guess the road does!

  • I don’t like SRK anymore after watching RNBDJ.

  • I miss my school & college friends.

  • How can American Chopsey be on the Chinese food menu?

  • I love to decorate houses.

Feel free to add to the list. :)

My love.... Coffee!! :)

Oh how I love coffee. I love it hot, I love it iced, I love full-caf, half-caf, de-caf, with cinnamon, with whipped crème, with heavy cream. With friends, alone at the computer, reading a paper, staring into space, driving my car. I can’t imagine life without it.
Which is pretty funny because the first time I tasted coffee, my mouth was so assaulted it tried to curl up on itself. ‘Yuk!’ said I. Mom laughed and told me it was good that I didn’t like it because then it would not become a habit. Little did she know…

Somewhere along the line, I made the connection between coffee and brain fog. Coffee made me a believer in the idea that one could actually live through the morning without anyone getting hurt! ;) And there are countless souls still walking the earth, thanks to coffee. (Little do they know, but let’s leave it on a need to know basis.)

Not to mention the fact that coffee can keep you awake when you should be sleeping. When you absolutely, positively must stay awake to finish that post, read that chapter, watch the end of that movie. Coffee is there for you. It does not judge, does not desert and does not care if you have a fat ass. It doesn’t care if you are popular or smart, funny or an idiot, it just is. It is quite simply the Zen of beverages. It is the oneness of the allness, the yin and the yang and above all, the reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Well, if you aren't such a big fan of coffee, you can also mistreat it in a lot of ways. Read them for yourself...
· Coffee can be used to dye paper and fabrics. If you put the beans in hot water their color will start to come out. You can use that water to dye fibers.

· If you need a good facial scrub, you can coarsely grind some coffee beans and use them to scrub your face. They have great exfoliating properties.

· Also, coffee is used in order to clean, purify, minimize the pores and remove the dead cells. The mask is prepared from a cup of coffee grounds mixed with the white of an egg and should be applied by massage on the face. When the coffee gets dry, remove it with warm water and use a moisturizing face lotion afterwards, especially those who already have a dry complexion. :)

· The power caffeine has against cellulite is world wide acknowledged, taking into account the fact that most of the anti-cellulite body lotions use it as a main ingredient. As a home-made natural product, a paste made of warm coffee beans and olive oil can be as effective as the commercial creams. Prepare this mixture and then rub it on the areas of your body that are affected by cellulite, then rinse off the remainders.

· If you’ve been preparing food and your hands smell like it, rub some coffee beans between your hands for a few seconds; you can also suck on a coffee bean to freshen and clean your breath, no matter what you’ve been eating. ;)

· Have a garden? Coffee makes great compost if you don’t use it in excess, and sprinkling coffee grounds and orange peels around plants will keep cats from bothering the plants or using the garden as their personal litter box.

· Greasy pans can be cleaned with the left over ground beans that you used to exfoliate and scrub your face.

· You can also use coffee beans, placed in a bowl in your refrigerator, to get rid of food smells that might accumulate in there.

See, that’s coffee!! Isn’t it useful for everyone now! Wow, I feel elevated jus by talking about it ;)

The (not so fashionable) Fashion Show!!

The dress code was Fabulous, so there I was dressed up in a chiffon sari trying to look fabulous!! And I was quite impressed with myself :) So was the crowd… all dressed up to impress and most of them sporting some of the designers.

The cocktails were supposed to be served upto 7.30pm and it was already 8.15. And for people like me, who survive on juice, had already gulped down 2 glasses of apple juice (yeah, that was all they had for non-alcoholic!!). We were waiting desperately to witness one of the best Fashion Shows in Nairobi.

Finally the wait was over and the announcement was made. So there we were, sitting back and waiting to be dazzled!!

The hostess came on the stage and looking at her outfit, I crossed my fingers. She didn’t look like a fashion show hostess at all! She was reading out from a writing pad which was quite similar to the one we used to take for exams in school… I mean the wooden one with a metal clip!! I just hoped that the rest of the show be good. The first model appeared on the ramp and I tell you, I was sure in for a huge disappointment!! The way she was walking was a disaster! The music was going elsewhere and the ladies were walking elsewhere! There was no coordination!! Not to mention the designs… some of them looked copied from here and there and the rest were catastrophic!

Although the glam squad was quite nice, they really had carved out inches for themselves, but on the show, they just couldn’t bring IT! I mean, when you pay $100 a ticket and are promised such a great experience, you expect a little more! Well, for that matter, I expected much much more!! So somehow the first installment of the show was over and now we had something worse to deal with! The Band!! These guys were playing some music, which sounded like Metallica or something… Oh buoy, I wanted to run away!! But the $100 show wasn’t over and dinner was yet to be served. Yeah, it was a package deal! So had to bear with it.

And so the second installment began also did the dinner, which I was very pleased with. This time I was occupied with the food so didn’t have to make a lot of efforts in trying to understand the disaster that was going on the ramp. It lasted for 3 or 4 collections and then again came the Band! This time it was a little better coz they were playing some soft music. And so it went by smoothly. Now it was the third and the final installment. This collection was a bit better than the rest, mainly because the music playing was one of my favorites! It was Yves Larock- Rise up! I just wished that the organizers should have fed the models a little more so they could walk gracefully… Anyways, this also went by and so did a few more. Now it was the grand finale stuff going on when a wise guy from our table gets up and says that we should leave before the show is over to avoid traffic. All of us agreed and we left!

Well, after the (not so fashionable) fashion show, I was glad that at least I was looking fabulous! :)

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Have a nice time!!