Souls of thought

Sometimes being with someone is all you want
then talking is not the point
the silence is all it takes
to understand that is within
the breath that was lost
comes back in just a flash
and it brings all those moments
that were once so sought
the moments that were full of life
the moments that brought the glow
they had to be buried deep inside
but could bring her back to life
She had kept them aside long ago
because that life couldn't be alive

She still longs for the someone
may be in another life...

God has painted it all!!

Every creation of god is a painting.

The beautiful sun rising from between the mountains… the blue sky above the ocean, trees full of leaves, colorful flowers, waterfalls, magical islands, dense forests and so much more…

The rainbow above the blue sky on a rainy day… Isn’t it a masterpiece?

God has made every painting with life in it that lives… Life that is happy, that is sad, life that loves, that makes friends and above all life that brings more lives in his world…


I went to buy a t-shirt and I had to choose just one… but choosing just one t-shirt is so difficult! There are so many in the store, in so many colors, shapes and sizes. Which one am I going to buy??!! Why is it so difficult to choose one? After all it is just a t-shirt!

Why are choices so difficult to make? Why do we keep thinking again and again? Is it something with the mind or is it we ourselves who are unable to be at peace if we make a wrong choice. Who decides whether the choice is good or bad? Isn't it we ourselves? Why are we so judgemental all the time?

May be because once we have made a choice it is not simple to reverse it. May be because some way or the other we have to live with it for the rest of our lives. I think this has to be the reason, because when we make a choice that is good, we do remember it for the rest of our life… then how can we forget the bad one!!

If I do buy a bad t-shirt, I will think about it every time I see it!!