Just a thought.. :)

What would happen if thoughts were virtual? Like they reached out and actually did what we were thinking?? Would we think twice before… thinking??!!??

It would be so nice to feel that someone was praying for us through a moment of difficulty and could we then feel their arms around us, comforting and reassuring?? Or what if they saw the tears when we cried; they sent caring thoughts and wiped those tears away? How would that make us feel?

At times I have prayed for someone who needed a miracle. While other times, I have sent caring thoughts across miles to someone I haven’t seen in years.

And sometimes when we were angry with someone and our thoughts would reach out and touch the person, leaving actual bruises on their face!?!

Imagine if our thoughts could create reality!! Wouldn’t the world be an entirely different place?

But fortunately or unfortunately they aren’t for real… God has created a protective shield so we can protect our minds from wandering to and fro, getting anxious about things we can’t change, fearful about things that really don’t need our attention. He has kept us safe from our own powerful thoughts...