Random Thoughts..

Here’s some dumb stuff floating around in my brain.

  • I love flowers

  • I can go shopping even if you wake me up in the middle of the night.

  • Time only flies when you have something interesting to do.

  • Who invented toilet paper?

  • Everything that tastes good makes you look bad!! :(

  • People who argue don’t want to win so much as they just want you to shut up.

  • A rainy day jus lifts up my mood… everything is beautiful then!!

  • I like to cook not always.

  • How did anyone ever live without movies?

  • I love coffee.

  • SATC (Sex And The City) is the ultimate creation.

  • How come the French don’t eat French Fries?

  • Living is dangerous to your health.

  • Men have a lot of hair, shudn't they wax too!

  • Insurance only protects you when you don’t need it!!

  • I dont enjoy music nowdays :(

  • When you’re happy the world will try to prove you wrong.

  • There is not enough common sense to go around.

  • Why aren’t my plants growing faster?

  • Wish my house was on a beach…

  • Why isn’t there a Jeanie for real?

  • I don’t like traffic jams!! Guess the road does!

  • I don’t like SRK anymore after watching RNBDJ.

  • I miss my school & college friends.

  • How can American Chopsey be on the Chinese food menu?

  • I love to decorate houses.

Feel free to add to the list. :)

6 fogy feelings:

Still thinking said...

'Everything that tastes good makes you look bad!! :(' - Tell me abt it! :D

I have one. Why do I feel so sleepy only when I drive? Why? Why?

Simply Sur said...

Hmm.. thats bcoz u dont enjoy drivng :P (u're welcum for being patient & listening to this stupid one!!)

Okay, may be not everything in the world that tastes gud makes u look that bad!!;) :D

Scattered Thoughts... said...

fell free to add the list? really..should I :)

Scattered Thoughts... said...

fell free to add the list? really..should I :)

Simply Sur said...

yea dude... feel free, u're welcum :)

Marina D'Souza said...

i could say ditto to so many thing on your list.. esp the last one. I lurrvvv doing interiors.. even did an ecourse on it. Wish i had gotten a degree in that!!