My favorite pictures...

Wish I had my house next to it...
Hmm... now lets c who's taller...

Yea yea.. I made that!! :P


How much I love flowers... :) They make me feel so happie!!

Shopping!!! Now that's something I can do day-in & day-out!!

Looks like even the sky has something to hide....

This is the best!! Shades of blue!!

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Still thinking said...

Seriously? That hat? :)

Loved the shades of blue, did you click all these pics?

Simply Sur said...

yeah dear... Me clickd all these pics!!! N that shopping is all from Mumbai!! :)

Simply Sur said...

Hey by the ways welcome back!!

Still thinking said...

Wow! That's an absolute cool photograph. You've potential gurl :)

Thank you.

Vinnie said...


Pic 1: n i wish i was ur neighbor!

Pic 2: great shot! which jungle/zoo were u at ???

Pic 3: flower petals rangoli!!! i too love making them...pretty design n nice mix of colors

Pic 4: i too love fireworks...n where was this? new year party?

Pic 5: them too!

Pic 6: jhoothis, chappals, purse, hats..o m g...this must be nirvana indeed!!!

Pic 7,8: u have a great sense of light n shade..amazing pics!!!

Thanks for sharing these:):)

Simply Sur said...

@ Still- Thanks a lot!!

Simply Sur said...

@ Vinnie- For 1: U're most welcum :)

For 2: This is The Giraffe Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, where I stay!!

For 3,4&5: Yea me too love flowers soooo much!! That rangoli I made on Diwali & even the fireworks are from Diwali..

For 6: Shoppin!!! is heaven!! or nirvana as u may call it. :))

For 7&8: These I took casually... Din't xpect them tob so good. :)

Thanks for liking them ;)

Anonymous said...

ha ha.. never knew you live in Giraffe Center.. ;)) I dont think you are that tall to get a place there :P

Simply Sur said...

Mr.Anonymous, guess I know who u are... May be am not tall enough but u surely can get a place there... ;)

Nemz said...

I love them..seriously..!!
especially the one with "the sky has something to hire.."

Anonymous said...

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