I think we always meet those people we are destined to meet. Once when I was flying from Doha to Dar es Salaam, I met this Mr. A, who was extremely humble and pleasant (unlike me)! ;)

Well that, altogether is a different question as to why I was taking that flight!! It so happened that I flying from Nagpur to Nairobi via Doha. The first half was perfectly fine, but when I reached Doha, and went to the transfer desk for my onward boarding pass, this guy tells me that the flight is over booked and so, no boarding pass!! While I was wondering what to do next, he tells me that they have an arrangement and it is slightly different from the original route; if it is okay with me… I said curbing all my anger and frustration, ‘can I help it?’ And guess what!! This guy gives me a smile in return!!! I thought itni himmat!! (Look at his courage) So he says that I will have to take a flight from Doha to Dar es Salaam and then from there to Nairobi. And I have been given a Y class booking!! So that was when I returned his smile :)… Now this guy tries to be over-concerned and tells me that I can have a free meal coupon. I thanked him and rushed to the duty-free shopping with whatever time I had left! (The kind of shopping freak I am!! :) )

Okay, so after browsing through everything I dint really find anything worth buying. These duty free shops, as they claim to be supposedly cheaper, I think are not so true!!
Okay after boarding the plane, I was wondering that it would be so good if there was no one on the seat next to me. That I could sleep comfortably without having anyone to disturb me and getting involved in unnecessary conversations… Soon I was pulled out of the trance and Mr. A emerged to claim this seat!! :(

Now as Mr. A was trying to settle, he was very angry coz the air conditioner wasn’t switched on, it was just the blower working. You know the way it is… they wait for the plane doors to be closed before switching it on. Well, the stewardess managed to calm him down by taking his coat and serving him a welcome drink…

Almost everything went the way I wanted until take-off!! And then… Mr. A started talking!! Oh…… how much I wanted to sleep!! He asked me which country I was from and where I was heading, he told me about himself also that he was from Syria and stayed in Dar es Salaam. Then he asked me whether I was working and if I was married and etc etc etc… Now apprehending that it was no use thinking that I could sleep anymore, I asked the stewardess to get me coffee…And I thought that its time that even I get started on asking a few things about him. So I started by telling him about what Qatar Airways did to me and that I have to now go to Dar es Salaam first and then reach Nairobi. He agreed with me that these airlines now a days can do anything to save their asses!!

Then I asked him about his work and what he replied, completely changed my perspective towards him. He told me that he is the Syrian Ambassador to Dar es Salaam and was on official visit to Doha. He said that he has also been the ambassador to New Delhi and that how much he likes India and shopping at Khan Market!! What??? did I hear shopping?!? Yeah that was when I started to like him.. :P(not that ways yaar). Then we just went on and on and on… He said that in India all names had a meaning and what did my name mean. Of course… he also told me what his name meant!! Then he told me that he has read the Mahabharat and Ramayan… and also started to give me some gyan that the pandavas shouldn’t have fought the kauravas n all….

Just before landing, Mr. A asked me whether the airlines issued me a boarding pass from Dar es Salaam to Nairobi… I said no, they didn’t, but the officer assured me that there would be no such problem again (over booking kinds) and it has been taken care of. Mr. A looking worried took out a visiting card scribbled something on the back and gave it to me. He said that was his visiting card and he has written his personal mobile number behind. In case there is any problem at the airport, I should call him!! I was shocked!! I mean, who cares now a days!! I said that there shouldn’t be any problem, but if there is any I shall call. He said that there will be people to coming to receive him at the airport and he will send one of them with me to check whether everything’s okay. I said that won’t be required. So he said that I should call him once I reach Nairobi. By now I was a little irritated as to why he was so worried and I can take care of my self!! Attitude you know… But the plane had already landed so I tried to cool myself that it’s over…

Being business class passengers we got to alight first and I saw his people right in front of the aircraft door to receive him. Well I didn’t expect them to be here… I thought they would be down at the visitors lounge or something!! Suddenly I got aware of his importance in the country!! He pleasantly introduced me to his colleagues and I said goodbye and left. Suddenly he called me and reminded that I should call him once I reach Nairobi. I was furious!!! I tried to calm down and once again look around the duty free shops for something worth buying!! But, no luck!! Then I went to get my boarding pass which, as promised, was ‘taken are of’! ;)

So this time everything went fine and I reached Nairobi safe and sound. After I reached home I was unable to decide whether to call him or not… finally I agreed with not calling.

The next morning when I woke up, something inside said what harm it can be to call up Mr. A… after all he was worried for me!! So I called! And guess what…. Mr. A had the guts to disconnect my call!! While I was cursing myself to have made that call, within seconds Mr. A called back! “Hi, hello n stuff, (again cursing myself for reacting like that), then I told him that I had reached safely and had no problem at the airport and that I didn’t call yesterday coz I reached home quite late, coz got stuck in traffic and some shit… He said he knew coz he had sent one of his colleagues to make sure I had no problems!! The second time I felt sick because of my attitude!! Well, he told me that he still has another year to go before he is transferred from Dar es Salaam and whenever I plan to go there, I should inform him and he will make all the arrangements. And before hanging up he said that I was like a sister to him…

OMG… I felt so embarrassed!! I mean, why do I have get so judgmental about everyone… some people aren't that bad!!

Well, I learnt a lesson that day!! :)

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Still thinking said...


Hey Surabhi,
Drama queen huh? I guess we've got so attuned to ppl being unkind and selfish around us that we've absolutely no patience for appreciation :)
Don't feel bad, if I was in your place I'd hv felt equally curious and uncomfortable to think of a stranger acting so out of the way. But cool ya, ambassador and all. Keep the card, you'll never know when you'll need it. And if it's a Duty Free you're looking for to shop, then you should do at Dubai Duty Free...therez not a single brand under the sun that you won't find here and yeah, cool prices too :D

simply sur said...

Hey Still..
No point in feeling bad.. only if I could improve!! ;)
I have definitely kept the card safe!! ;) Couldn't help doing that! Dunno if i'll ever need it.. but just in case!
And ofcourse i've tried Dubai Duty Free... Its cool!!

Akanksha said...

Thank God u met a guy like tht nhe turned out to be genuinely good. Otherwise, ur baseless and meaningless attitude would have continued!

simply sur said...

Are lokks like you have been greatly troubled with my attitude!! ;)