Finally it is 24th December...

Well, seems like there is something special about 24th of December!! Since Monday I feel everyday is 24th!! May be because it is half-day working only ( But guys I don't work!! ) ... So, since Monday I’ve been doing everything, thinking it is 24th!!

Monday, 22nd
H (my husband): I am leaving…
Me: Okay. Today is 24th, it is half day!! We’ll go out for lunch.
H: Cmon… today is 22nd! Okay I am getting late. Bye.
Me: (sadly) Byee…

Tuesday, 23rd

Morning, the bell rings, it is the milk wala. I open the door…
Me: (taking the 2 packets he has brought) Will u come tomorrow?
Milk wala: Yes.
Me: (wondering he doesn’t want an off on Christmas…) Its okay, you don’t have to
come. I’ll pay you for the week.
Milk wala: (takes the money) Calculates, then smiles, then thanks me whole heartedly
before leaving.
Me: (wondering what’s wrong) Okay.
H: Who is it? (Thinking it would be somebody, because I don’t usually take that long for
picking the milk packets
Me: Milk wala… I don’t know but something’s wrong with him… he was acting weird…
H: (doesn’t bother!!) Okay.

Me: (at breakfast) What time will you come home today?
H: I have a lot of meetings today, won’t be able come for lunch.
Me: (nagging) But today is 24th… you said it was half-day!
H: What is wrong with you? Today is 23rd!!
Me: (first confused, then smiling) I know why that milk wala was smiling!!
H: Now what?
Me: I paid him for 3 days instead of 2!!
H: And don’t tell me that wasn’t a Christmas bonus and just your mind that is stuck to
Me: Ye…….ah….. sort of!
H: “Sort of”!?! God… you are sick! Okay byee…
Me: Yeah… byee

After a while, the bell rings again. This time it’s the maid.
Me: Hey, how come you are here today? You said you are going upcountry…
Maid: Yes, I will go tomorrow.
Me: (happy that she has come) So u postponed your trip...
Maid: No I am going on 24th…
Me: (still holding the door, blocking her way) But today is…….yeah…. today is 23rd!!
Maid: (thinking what’s wrong with me) Can I come in?
Me: (confused) Yeah… sure.

In the evening, H is back, after dinner…
H: Guess what?
Me: What?
H: (smiling) Tomorrow is 24th!!
Me: (smiling) Yeah at last tomorrow is 24th!! So you will come home early, right?
H: No, I have some work, so will be late!!
Me: (disappointed) Okay.
H: But we can still go for lunch…
Me: Yeah, no problem. (smile is back)

Wednesday, 24th (finally)

H: Today is your day…
Me: Why?
H: (smiling) It is 24th.
Me: (smiling) Yes, finally it came!!

And now, I am waiting for him to come back from office for "the lunch"… :)

Merry Christmas!!

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sawan said...

lol, and finally did the lunch happen?? u sure missed milk for breakfast, din u? :P

simply sur said...

Sawan- the lunch did happen and surely didnt miss the milk... coz i send my husband to go it!! :D

sawan said...


Anonymous said...

whats the story of 24th Evening and 25th

Simply Sur said...

@Sameer: Nothing exciting for the rest of 24th & 25th... but 26, 27 & 28 were great coz we went for this camping trip!! That was amazing...