Stuff you do for your children..

After 2 days of extensive cooking and preparartions and a day full of attending to guests at a party in your own house and then cleaning after it, i would have never ever imagined that i would have the energy nor the motivation for baking chocolate chip muffins for a national day celebrations at Y's nursery the next morning!! But surprisingly i did! And ofcourse they were yummy. Now that the muffins are ready and after i have decorated them with icing and sprinkles, when i lie in my bed thinking about what drove me to actually make them myself and not just buy them from the store, i realise its the fact that Y loves muffins and especially when he comes asking in the kitchen "mamma what u making?" gives a feeling which is far more overwhelming compared to the tiredness of the day! Although he was asleep now while i was baking, but in the morning when he will see the muffins and when he will eat them in the nursery, the excitement he will have is soo satisfying that makes u do #stuff for your children#!! I am in love with this feeling!!

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